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16 November 2017

priya anand decided to leave Cinema

One of the Tamil actresses, Priya Anand. She came across Tamil and Hindi languages and now works in Kannada and Malayalam movies. In that case she told, about the decision to leave Cinema. She said that by the time I came alone to Chennai for acting cinema, I had everything close to my friend. He is my brother. I cannot even say that he was like a brother; he was like my own brother. I stayed in his house and I ate there. He treated me like his own sister.
A year before, suddenly he died in an accident. He was the main reason for the success in my cinema life. That's why I decided to won’t act in cinema. But the story of “koottathil oruvan” gave me a positive energy. That's why I agreed to act in that film. But now i have decided to choose good characters and act continuously.

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