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12 November 2017

Namitha's Statement On Her Marriage

Namitha is a popular actress in Tamil and Telugu cinema. Whereas, Veer is a film producer, actor, and an aspiring model. They both worked together in multi-lingual thriller film Miya. On Friday, Namitha announced that she will be getting married to Veerandra Chowdhary on November 24. Namitha said, "Hi everyone. Veer and I are getting married on November 24 at Thiruppathi. Veera is my Best friend and my Soulmate. He is a Producer and an Aspiring Actor. We were introduced by our BEST friend Sashidhar babu last year in September and little by little we became good friends. On Sept 6th 2017 he arranged a Candle light dinner for us. I was completely surprised ,As I did not expect it. In last 3 months the more I understood him , the more I felt lucky to even be with him. We want your love and support and keep showering us with your blessings. Thank you. God bless you."

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